Bringing our community together in more unique ways to learn, connect, and explore...

Lube seminars? History of feminist sex shops? What’s up with the G-Spot? If you’ve thought about it, we’ve probably had a chat about it. Max Black is passionate about providing fun and informative workshops, sex education seminars, events, and talks, bringing the community together to safely and warmly learn and teach. As a safe place, we aim to be diversity inclusive to the best of our ability, and for every event we put on we welcome all you fabulous creatures from all your different walks of life into our MB home.

From sex essentials and intimacy building workshops, empowering and educational speakers, authors, and community individuals, there is little we say no to! Max Black has been running and hosting events and workshops for over a decade, and the lasting relationships we’ve built with our collaborators are a testament to how we love to work with and for the community. Bringing our community together in more unique ways to learn, connect, and explore is a core aspect of our business and space in Sydney’s Newtown.

Got something sexy and sensual to say? Are you a sex and sexuality professional? Gender and identity expert? If you’d like to work with Max or host an event at our store we would love to hear from you! Sex educators, health professionals, community groups, and public speakers are all welcome to get in touch - let’s make something beautiful together!

For more info on working with us, please contact our team at with some details about yourself, your ideas, and how we could work together or build an ongoing partnership. 

Past speakers have included Tristan Taormino, Buck Angel, Stacey Demarco, Lynn Comella, Christina Spaccavento, Cyndi Darnell, and many more. 

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