We believe everyone should have access to the absolute best pleasure products.

Max Black is led by a passionate female-identifying and male-identifying duo with their equally passionate local team. In 2006,  Max was created from the belief that intimate shopping in Australia deserved to be reinvented. 

Sydney was yearning for an empowering female-friendly, LGBT+ and couple-friendly space in which to shop for pleasure products. We have had 15 years of experience in supporting people explore their pleasure and intimacy, providing an accessible range of only the highest quality, body safe toys, books, latex and more.

Shopping for intimate products is always fun at Max Black. The environment is bright and clean, the kind of space you’d expect in any high-end retail store, yet with a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Our highly-trained staff are virtually walking encyclopedias of toys and other essentials, and they make asking questions so much easier. We always want you to find the perfect item, whether it’s for you, a friend, or a loved-one, and within whatever budget. Our warm and knowledgable team makes your shopping all the more easier and comfortable.

From Max’s humble beginnings back in 2006, the original purpose was to reinvent shopping for pleasure products in Australia. Although not lacking in adult stores, Sydney was yearning for an LGBT+ safe and empowering female and couple friendly store that welcomed all walks of life to shop for pleasure products.

We believed there needed to be something more - a beautiful and friendly space that was safe and respectful of everyone, their needs, and especially their comfort levels. Over a decade on, Max is still committed to this same purpose. 

As we evolved, we developed, or perhaps bloomed, into a new space with a philosophy that has ebbed, flowed, and grown with our community. We still strive to be one of ‘Sydney’s finest’ adult stores, but our overwhelming purpose now is to make shopping for intimate products not just safe and classy, but fun.

The environment at Max Black is bright and clean and the Max team are relaxed, friendly, and pretty funny on our good days, if we do say so ourselves. As sex toy-nerds, we always want you to find the perfect item, whether it’s for you, a friend, or a loved-one. Be sure that your comfort is a priority to us - everyone is welcome at Max!

We're also super vigilant about keeping our selection of toys and playthings safe, which means no nasty chemicals like phthalates, nothing bad for your bod’, and always with healthy play in mind. We love our lube, and take the same level of care when selecting our delectable range - no parabens, low glycerin, and sugar free (your pH levels can thank us later).

Product aside, at the heart of Max Black is our connection to the people we serve. We have nurtured relationships with organisations since we opened our doors in 2006 and work to sponsor and platform our ever growing community year round. At Max, you’ll be able to get solid and trustworthy information on health services, workshops, and community events, because you know what folks?

We think you’re worth it! 

For more on the Max Black extended family head to Our Community section.

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