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Max recognises the power of difference, individuality and personal expression...

At the core of our philosophy are the communities we serve, and making something beautiful together is what we live to do! To put it simply, we adore you folks! Through partnerships, seminars, parties, and long standing friendships, our connection to our community is what really gives Max that special somethin’ somethin’.

We create opportunities for education and connection that enhance the intimate experiences of all individuals, no matter what walk of life and or where on their journey they’re on. Max recognises the power of difference, individuality and personal expression and how important that is in how we all play. We aim to consistently honour the trust placed in us by our customers, our team and our industry: Thank you for loving us as much as we love you!

To make sure we keep bringing you the content and knowledge we have always prided ourselves on, Max Black works closely with a network of health service organisations, educators, and professionals in a variety of fields. We have strong relationships with the health community including a directory of therapists and counsellors that have taught us so we can better help you. Through these relationships we’re able to provide educational opportunities and deliver informed advice so everyone can explore the incredibly diverse worlds of pleasure and sensuality - whatever that means to you.

Check out our workshops page to see what’s on the horizon for our own in-house events. Max loves to bring our mixture of warm yet classy hospitality, with some of the best educators and speakers from around the world coming in-store, including Buck Angel, Tristan Taormino, and health professionals Cyndi Darnell and Christina Spaccavento. You can expect giggles, a dash of cheek, and plenty of bubbles (the drinking kind). 

As a taster, read below for some of the individuals, parties, and organisations we have worked with over the years and continue to hold close today.

NSW based organisation ACON, founded in 1985, was formed as a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic critically affecting the gay male community. Decades later, ACON has branched into all areas of the Queer and LGBTQIA+ community, and we are proud to have worked alongside them. Particularly with CLAUDE women’s health initiative, and stocking the free for community ACON Play Packs, promoting safe sexual practice within the queer community.

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The freaky and fabulous family at Oyster Club - folks of our own heart. Hosted by Marlena Dali and Porcelain Alice, the two put on a monthly cabaret show fondly known as the Glamdrogynous Freakshow, that honoured the queer and quirky souls that our community love and adore. Strangely wholesome, this space held in Sydney’s Chippendale was welcoming while still aiming to challenge and occasionally confront our ideas, values, and expectations.

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One of our favourite memories of 2018! Heaps Gay X Max Black hosting the drag king revival - Sydny Kings at our office space, the old Polymorph parlour on Enmore Rd. Heaps Gay, helmed by Kat Dopper, continues to put on parties, events, and supper clubs all year round that support and promote some of the best that Queer Sydney (and beyond) have to offer.

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Freaky, perverted, and a little bit much, Hellfire had been a steadfast part of Sydney’s kink and fetish community for just shy of 27 years. Some of the Max team have traversed these decades with them, and as a store we have faithfully sponsored their parties.

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The amazing folks at Northcott are one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability providers, and that doesn’t stop shy of accessible play! Feel The Vibe is a community expo hosted by Northcott that offers a safe and fun space to learn about sexuality and disability, and we have proudly been exhibitors at Feel the Vibe for the past two years.

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These babes need no introduction, and Max Black and Dykes on Bikes have been riding together for yonks. Founded in 1988, the Dykes on Bikes are a nonprofit chartered lesbian motorcycle group known infamously for opening Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. For over a decade we have been a happy sponsor of one of their annual parties: the Black and White Ball.

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SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Program) is Australia’s largest organisation for the sexual health, education and rights for sex workers in NSW. We are a proudly sex worker friendly store, and support and stand by SWOP in their ethos and ongoing support of the community.

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Although only recently have we started to hold a stall at Sydney’s Mardi Gras Fair Day, it has quickly become one of our favourite community events of the year. As a store that works for and with the LGBTQIA+ community constantly, we are always honoured to fly our Pride flag high and proud.

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