2011: A Simple Guide to Sex Toys For Men

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At Maxxx Black we maintain a great reputation for having a wide selection of toys aimed for woman and couples. But often we hear the boys yell - what about them!? Well guys, we love you just as much, so here is the guide to the best boys toys in town.


O Rings (or cock rings)

For the man that isn’t sure where to start, O-rings are a great place to begin. Cock rings are a small ring made from various materials, but more popularly silicone, leather and metal. They can be cheap as chips or luxuriously pricey - so there's something for every taste and budget.

They are designed to be worn either around the base of the penis, or around both the penis and the scrotum, and their main function is to restrict a small amount of blood flow, which in turn sustains a longer and harder erection.

As well as this functionality, cock rings are also available with a vibrating bullet attachment. Not only does this turn you into a life size vibrator, but the added clitoral stimulation for your lady means more VOOM in your thrust. 


Sleeves and Solo Units

Just as women have vibrators and dildos for solo play, we introduce you to some of the best Mens Sex Sleeves and Simulators. Sex toy sleeves are not only a great way to add incredible variety to your solo play, but used well they can even help to build his sexual stamina and staying power. Made with many different textures, each brand has features that you can experiment freely with to discover what feels best for you.

One of the most well known brands of sleeves is the FleshLight. In the last few years it has grown to become the world's number 1 selling men's pleasure toy, and for good reason. Discreetly encased in a torch-like shell is the incredible Real Feel Super Skin ® insert, creating an incredibly life-like sensation. Available in a variety of forms (Mouth, Lady and Butt), great for the gentleman who wants something realistic and masculine.

Fairly new to Australia is the Tenga line of products. Tenga is one of those fantastic lines that represent the ultimate in Japanese technology. These are definitely for the techie in your life. There are LOTS of little sleeves, eggs and pouches and each one is designed to give a unique sensation or feel like a particular sexual position. With slick, discreet designs these are definitely toys making a splash on the market. In addition they come in quick one-off play toys, multi-use sleeves, and the new top-of-the-line Flip Hole!

Stop Press: Tenga was used by the winner of the 2010 World Solo Play Challenge!


P-spot stimulation can be one of the most intensely pleasurable sexual feelings a man can experience, and there are a range of toys that will help you discover, develop, and enjoy your p-spot even more. The male equivalent of the females G spot, The P Spot is located internally as part of the prostate gland in the lower rectum. This is an area rich with blood and nerves and is tender to the touch, but is most effect in reaching orgasm and ejaculation. P Spot toys come in a range of silicone and steel, as well as vibration and non vibration. Proven to have some very positive health benefits, prostate stimulation can aid in the prevention of prostate cancer in later life. So not only is it fun, but good for you too! Toys such as the Tantus ProTouch is a great introductory toy for first time P spot players. Small, smooth and curved to hit that perfect spot, it comes with its own little bullet vibe to give you that added zing. Great fun for both boys and girls alike!



Two Ways To Get Them.

So there you have it boys. Don’t forget to come in store or jump online and have a look at what we have ready for you to take home!

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