new year, new roll of TP


I am, without any doubt in my mind, so happy to be writing our last goodbye to the clusterf**k of a year that was 2020. So here we are, a new year just a sleep away, and with that we want to manifest some much, much better vibes (no pun intended, our vibes are spectacular at Max).

We've got a wee list of suggestions on how to start off the new year without the extra baggage of 2020 and feel a little less emotionally haggard. And physically. I know I've got a lot more stress wrinkles than I did 12 months ago.



So here we go...

Reevaluate what your main goals are for the year ahead: This seems super obvious but instead of 'I'm going to triple my wage' or 'I'm gonna action that business idea me and my mate came up with drunk one night', set smaller, kinder, and slightly more realistic goals. Achieving them will feel better, but keep in mind not doing them does not equate failure. At all. Ever. 2020 was monumental in so many ways, and we all feel deflated by the global climate right now. Show yourself some love and include finishing that cross stitch you started in lockdown to your list of achievable goals. Or maybe that's just me... but I mean, 'Homo Sweet Homo' ain't gonna stitch itself now is it?



Remember there is more than just COVID: Continue supporting the organisations and movements you believe in. Black Lives Matter, Aboriginal and Indigenous rights, Refugee rights, environmental issues and supporting the right humans behind these activations and movements - the list is lengthy and each is vital. We all gotta keep up the support even when black squares aren't trending on Instagram! Volunteer, donate, spread the word from the right people, share and retweet, and keep that momentum going! 



Keep supporting small businesses: Especially artists, musicians, freelancers, and independent stores with small teams. These people have been hit hard, especially those affected by cuts to the arts sector, small galleries having to close, and shows across the board cancelled. Many small, independent businesses didn't make it through the year, a lot of musicians have had to cancel shows, tours, and gigs that would otherwise be a big part of their income. These mates need support, and if you have a square to spare, the appreciation is immeasurable.

Hot tip: play your favourite musicians or friend's band on repeat in the background throughout the day so they rack up some dollars on Spotify.



Keep the compassion flowing: It was, (although occasionally making for good content) quite shocking to see how people turned into Lord of the Flies-esque children when COVID hit, with empty shelves, fisty-cuffs in the isles over toilet paper, and not a Mi Goreng packet to be seen. With COVID still very much a part of our lives and global community, let's try our best to enter this year with as much humanity and kindness as we can muster. It's ok to call out poor behaviour, and call in on friends who you know are acting inappropriately. In the long run it betters our community, even if the message takes a while to become established in someone's ethos. This is sounding a bit Hippie dippie isn't it... **cue All You Need is Love by The Beatles** 



Follow them rules: I know, we don't always agree with politicians, and we're not here to be preachy, but in times of crisis (or should we say 'unprecedented times') we need to look after one another and keep our big island safe. If doctors, specialists, and epidemiologists are saying stay home, they probably know best. So stay home, keep good hygiene, stick to social distancing, and limit your groups hangs. This won't last forever! I definitely can't wait to get sweaty dancing with my fellow Queer community again, but not until it's safe to do so. 



Treat your god dang self: I buy sex toys, I don't necessarily need sex toys, but I still buy them when I need a hit of self-lovin'. Not saying that should be your go to (but if it is - wassup our new website). Remember what you love, what makes you feel good, and allow yourself a shame and guilt free time with it. Or, you could, and this isn't cliched at all, pick up a hobby. Crazy idea that I came up with myself, but yoga, meditation, going for walks, reading, game nights, and cross stitching 'homo sweet homo' (I swear I'm going to finish it this year...) are some simple things to pick up and make part of your everyday. Regular activities to look forward to help keep up a sense of purpose, which in this climate can be hard sometimes. 

And call your Gran. And drink water. Oh also, get enough sleep. 



These may have all been some obvious and standard 'beginning of the year' resolutions, but sometimes you just need your friendly local sex shop to remind you, ya know? And keep in mind, if you can't achieve any of these in 2021: time is a made up concept and you have a lifetime to meet your goals. Fin.



Happy new year, new me, new vibrator, everyone!


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