2008: After Dark

from the archives

Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Uncovered: A joint eXXXpedition between MaXXX Black and ACON

Gorgeous girls, sex education, cupcakes and champagne anyone? I can safely say that your darling MaXXXie is not adverse to any of these, separately wonderful, but when put together…. Oh, yes! Give it to me hard, you bad girl!

The night started with all the red hot chicks from ACON and spunky MaXXX staff looking their absolute seXXXiest, readying all the essentials for the amazing night ahead of us, polishing all the glasses, making sure there were new batteries in the toys, beautifying the shop and of course checking the champagne and cup cakes for poison.

Fashionably late, oh no not these girls, fashionably early. The evening was to start a 7, but as early as 6.30 pm our seXXXy eager beavers were arriving ready to start their night of fun and informative sexual education.

First up there was champagne, mingling and like at any good party, checkin’ out the goods. Then the magnificent Siri from ACON began her eXXXciting interactive workshop. “Fisting!” “Growling Out!”. Gosh did we have a feisty bunch on our hands! This was an exercise where all the lovely ladies yelled out what two (or more) women could do together either on the street or in private. And those were the two first ones they came up with! Oh, you naughty girls!

It must have taken about 45 mins and running out of anything else wonderfully rude to finally come to kissing and holding hands. Ha Ha, my type of girls!

After a little break there was more champagne and some baby cupcakes, and my favourite game, 'what’s in my box?', oops I mean 'What’s in the Box?' The group of lusty girls were broken up into small groups and given a mystery box, where they had to identify the contents and make up some scenarios where they could be used. So, "what was in the box?" I hear you say?

Well, many things. Some girls were left with a confused look on their faces and some had that telltale smug grin of knowing. I sure did enjoy prancing around the room looking in all of their boxes… A big thank you to some of the more experienced girls, who practically gave us a full demonstration on how to use what was in their mystery box. It was greatly appreciated! The night finished as well as it started with rope bondage demonstrations, a big thank you to Mistress Jadis and submissive Fleur. You are always such a hit! Oh and to the girls that got up to be involved in the rope bondage, I saw everything!

Then it was our turn to do some education about the wonderful products that we have here, at your favourite adult store, MaXXX Black, and as a wonderful addition to the night, we launched your favourite new web site.

Yes that’s right, we are taking over the world wide web. So we look forward to seeing all of you either on our seductive new site, or in at the one and only MaXXX Black.

From all of us at MaXXX Black thank you to everyone that came along, having such a gorgeous and fun bunch of women made it the eXXXciting and rewarding evening that we were all looking forward to! Until next time, stay safe and Merry Mardi Gras….

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