2009: Cheeky New Ad Upsets The Church(es)…

from the archives

The latest New Zealand advertisement for D.Vice designer sex gear (one of our favourite ranges) is causing more agony than ecstasy for local churches.

In a billboard poster four parishioners are pictured praying in a church. Three have their eyes closed and are deep in prayer whilst a fourth (female presenting) is smiling whilst below her is the D.Vice logo and sell line.

Local Catholic Archbishop John Dew called it “unnecessary and distasteful” to associate church with sex products - “It is an insult to anyone who recognizes a church as sacred”.

D.Vice director Wendy Lee said the campaign is meant to make people laugh and was not intended to offend. The campaign, featuring several similar images, was designed to show people thinking about sex whilst doing ordinary everyday tasks such as ironing, queuing in a bank, or attending church.

And even though it upset the local bishop, the Advertising Standards Authority has received no formal complaints so the ads stay. Thank goodness there are bureaucrats with a sense of humour in New Zealand! How do we get them to work here?

Good on you D.Vice for a smart, fun, sex-positive campaign.

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