2011: Fuck Cancer - Raising The Roof For Cancer Treatment

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MaXXX Black is proud to be a local supporter for a very special cause. This Friday, September 16, ‘Fuck Cancer’ will be raising the roof of the 

Imperial Hotel

 Erskineville to help raise some dollars for cancer treatment.

So What’s Happening On The Night?

Master of F*cking Ceremonies – The fabulous and foul mouthed Miss Lauren LaRouge! She’s been looking for the opportunity to swear at f*cking cancer and I’m happy to provide her the night to do it!


  • The Licks

  • Howler

  • Ed Worland & The Greens Teas

  • Bandintexas

  • The Upskirts

  • Dave Hammond


  • Glitta Supernova (Burlesque)

  • Betty Grumble (Burlesque)

  • Sheena Miss Demeanour (Burlesque)

  • Cherry Lush (Burlesque)

  • Defy & Firefly (Acrobatics)

  • Lucille Spielfuchs (Burlesque)

  • Anna Felactic (Burlesque)

  • Frankie Faux (Burlesque)

  • Delilah DuMoan (Burlesque)

  • Legs 11.11 (Burlesque)

  • Talula Papoose (Burlesque)


PLUS!! Magic by Manik Jones and Live Art by Lucille Lehr!

There will be a raffle with some fantastic prizes as well as art created by Lucille Lehr to be auctioned on the night!

This is going to be a night to remember folks so don’t bloody miss out!

This can be your good deed of 2011! Go on and earn those f*cking wings!

So what’s “Fuck Cancer” all about?

Breoni Taylor, a good friend of my close friend, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. This diagnosis occurred after being incorrectly diagnosed with irritable bowel for the previous 4 years.

Since the diagnosis she had a successful bowel rissectomy where the primary tumor was removed and so was 3/4’s of her large bowel. Unfortunately, during this operation the surgeons found a tumor on each of her ovaries.

In the doctors words, they concluded that Bre was ‘simply unlucky’ and maybe if she was to have her ovaries removed and more chemotherapy, it may stop the cancer from spreading to other places. Or perhaps it was time to ‘give up the fight’.

Bre has investigated other cancer treatments, because, believe it or not, people can and do survive cancer.

As of July, Bre is a patient at the NIIM (Australian Institute of Integrated Medicine in Burwood Rd Hawthorn and is being treated by a team which is headed up by Professor Sali (if interested, I encourage you to google Prof Sali and NIIM). Very shortly, she is about to commence some integrated cancer treatment at NIIM, but this treatment though widely used successfully in Europe for treating cancer isn’t recognized in Australia and not covered by Medicare.

The costs are around $11,000.

This fundraiser is to help raise money towards this alternative cancer treatment for Bre – she’s not ready to give up the fight and although I don’t know her well, I’ve been really inspired by her story. Life is such a precious thing and I think we are all guilty of taking it for granted sometimes. What if you were in Bre’s shoes?

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