2011: MaXXX & The Imperial Hotel Erskineville

from the archives

Many moons ago, when MaXXX Black was just emerging on King Street, and the world was pre-Obama and pre-pre-Julia, MaXXX proudly sponsored several events and gigs at the Imperial Hotel Erskineville. Then they renovated, and we renovated, and well the story gets boring until now…

MaXXX Black is set to continue our tradition of sponsoring local events and groups, and especially ACON. And it all starts THIS WEEK. From Tuesday 15th November we’ll be putting up some cheeky and sometimes delicious prizes for two of the Imperial Hotel’s most popular mid-week gigs:



Bingay is a Sydney institution and if you haven’t been to one these raucous, colourful and insanely fun nights, then you MUST GO NOW. Held every Tuesday night, and several times a year as a Big Bingay (different venue), the whole shebang is hosted by Naomi Palmer & Tora Hymen. Starts at 8pm.




Come join the delightful Verushka Darling for the campest night out in town. No two weeks are ever the same when Verushka is behind the mic! Will you survive the entire song? Or Will Verushka strike the gong, kicking you off stage? Whatever happens you’ll be in the running for cash and prizes (some of which will come from MaXXX).

Hosted by the fabulous Verushka Darling, starts 9pm.


So no more excuses – Laughs, fun, drinks, and a chance to take home prizes from MaXXX Black!

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