2010: Farewell Mandy

from the archives

It is with a heavy heart that Max takes to the blog today. Last week we all heard the shattering news that Sydney's DJ Mandy Rollins had passed away. While tributes and remembrances flood in from around the world we'd like to add ours.

Mandy was at the heart of Sydney's community: Mardi Gras and the club scene, the leather scene, queer scene, and the dozens of charities, community events, and health groups that she lent her considerable talent to support. Her music and her style lifted our parties and our lives higher, and Sydney won't be the same without her trademark tribal sound - one heard as the heartbeat of Sydney as well as the hottest stuff to dance to. Our thoughts go out to her friends and we hope that everyone gets out this weekend to celebrate her life the way she'd like it to be celebrated - under the lasers. Goodbye Mandy.

Note: if you're having trouble with the news or would like some help understanding the situation, please consider contacting a counsellor. ACON provide free counselling for many members of the community. A list of counsellors can be found in the Community Services section of our website.

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