Feel the Vibe Expo – A Northcott Event

Feel the Vibe Expo – A Northcott Event


We love many things about our job, but our favourite thing is the heartening experience in seeing others joyful.

Over the last few years, Max Black has had the pleasure of attending a very special event hosted by Northcott: Feel the Vibe Expo. It’s an event where individuals living with a disability can ask questions and buy sexual products like lube, toys, and books in an environment that celebrates diversity and respect.

Many people don’t realise that for those with a physical disability gaining access to adult stores can be extremely challenging. Most adult stores in Sydney are off street level, and rarely have wheelchair access. Finding an accessible place where someone can feel safe to ask about toys can be a challenge.  Many have questions around toys that are ergonomic in the hand and practical to use, as well as pleasurable. Some individuals may need to choose a toy based on button systems as well as the physical weight of a product. For others, the sound of a toy may be an important factor, and for others it’s the texture. And of course, buying a toy can be extremely difficult when shopping online, especially without being able to hold and feel the toy directly.

Here is where Northcott comes in - an organisation that helps individuals with disabilities to find jobs, housing, and access to mental health services, and in addition to these, offer sexuality and relationship education services. Part of this service is the Feel the Vibe Expo where businesses like Max Black can bring in products to a venue that is accessible. Here, we have the opportunity to discuss toys, answer questions, do talks about products, provide information, and have an all round fun time with people we don’t always get to meet in-store.


Feel the Vibe 2018 


The first Feel the Vibe Max Black attended was in 2018 and having never attended one before, we had no idea what to expect. It was a marvellous experience. It was about talking and having open discussions with many who, to give an example, had never held a vibrator before. Seeing such genuine excitement flash across people’s faces left me with a warm heart and sore facial muscles from smiling and laughing so much! We were genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had (and we were at work)!

This unique event was a humbling experience, and we were and still are so proud to have played even a small part in what was a momentous experience for so many of the attendee's lives. Being able to connect and listen and hear what people had to say, their stories, was an invaluable experience, for Max and as us individuals.

We loved it. And so when we were invited to attend the 2019 event, we were back with full, open hearts and free goodie bags.


Feel the Vibe 2019

Feel the Vibe Expo,held in Parramatta, was again filled with laughter, joy and this time dancing. 


From our point of view, what makes Feel The Vibe different from other expos and workshops we’ve done is that everyone we spoke to were themselves: open, honest, and without judgement. Most people these days are conditioned to sit behind some kind of barrier when it comes to discussing sex, often using language that is coded in order to avoid stigma or embarrassment. It was a breath of fresh air to share and hold space with others who weren’t afraid to talk about sex and what they wanted. They were eager for information and asked frank questions without fear of judgement, there was oh so much joy!

We spoke to so many beautiful people. We laughed with them, we cried with them, we danced with them and we learnt alongside them. We left with our spirits soaring and hearts full.

This is why we sell sex toys. For moments like this.


Bring on Feel the Vibe 2020!


If you or someone you know would like more information on Northcott's many services, please feel free to click here or give them a call on 1800 213 172. Alicia and the team are amazing!

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