2010: Chastity Is Golden (18ct)


It seems restricting ourselves is something timeless. Chastity belts and apparatus have been around for thousands of years. So just to prove how far we 21st Century lovers have come since the days of iron and wood, we thought we'd share this: In 2002 Mr. Uwe Koetter, a jewellery designer based in Cape Town South Africa, was commissioned by a British client for the design and manufacture of a chastity belt for his bride-to-be to wear on their wedding day/night. The same jewellery designer was selected that year by Nelson Mandella to create a celebration piece for Queen Elizabeth II. The Chastity belt took a full month to design and manufacture and is made from 18ct yellow gold, studded with 60 Pearls, 5 carat diamonds and weighs 500 grams. It features two locks, one in front, and one in back. The client asked to remain anonymous and to this day only Mr. Koetter himself knows the identity of the client.



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