2010: Vajazzled!

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We love a good fashion trend - skinny jeans, leather ties, silk restraints - if it's sexy or new or yummy we want it. This latest news from the LA LA land however has sparked a little debate amongst the ladies (and our one gent) at MaXXX Black.

In the early 90's the BeDazzler took the home-craft crowd by storm. Millions of the little blue fabric punch that could attach sparkly beads to fabric were sold around the world. You may of thought it had gone the way of cheap steak knives and wearable blankets but it endures - still being made for all the lovely people who are easily distracted by shiny things (including myself).

What you may not know is that with the advent of 21st century technology the Bedazzler of the past can be the Vajazzler of today!

Vajazzling is sweeping north America as the latest body/beauty craze and the product's inventor has quadrupled business since formally opening their doors earlier this year.

So What is Vajazzling?

It's the bedazzling of one's lady bits (or manly bits if you're brave).

Yes that's right, for a mere $50 you can have a local Vajazzler adorn your woohoo with Swarovski crystals. And thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt's appearance on the George Lopez Show (see video below) the butterfly is the most popular design. 

The crystals are glued onto the pubic area and vulva (leaving the labia untouched) after a full brazillian wax. The tech's website does not describe how it is applied to a man but hey, it is called the VAjazzler.

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