TOY REVIEW: Le Wand 'Feel My Power'


From the walking encyclopaedic nerd brains that are the Max Black team we bring you our latest review: The Le Wand Feel My Power Body Massager!

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Now let's get to it: Le Wand Feel My Power



The Good 

What a MACHINE. I never thought wand styled toys of this size and power would be up my alley… but I was wrong. The toy is cute af and the illustrations by Ashley Lukashevsky make me want to put this babe pride of place on my coffee table, but don’t get it twisted - Feel My Power truly is for power queens.

As someone who has always liked a large surface area from my toys, the size of the Le Wand Feel My Power fits the bill perfectly, and I found it pretty much couldn’t miss the mark. Really great for playing with partners because again, it’s not hard to find the spot when a toy is this big.

I never use settings on toys but heck, there are twenty of them so if you do: hayooooo. The shape and its ability to be unplugged and used without a cord means you could pretty easily lay on it or use it for grinding. Just an idea…

I am honestly in love with this toy. I would take this toy out to dinner. This toy is coming home for Christmas. If I could marry an inanimate object it would be this toy.

Plus it comes with stickers :)


The Not So Good

I really can’t fault this toy for me personally, but having spoken to Doxy loving friends it is not quite at the same level. The depth of the vibration is, well it’s still deep but it’s different. You know how Doxy knocks you out when you turn it on? The Le Wand doesn’t quite have the same leader of the pack punch to it. The feeling of the vibration in my hand makes me think it will be more on the higher frequency side, but when using it in play the vibrations travel through your body reaaaaal nice, so no complaints from moi, but if you’re used to Doxy then Le Wand will be a different and potentially lesser experience power wise.

If you like pin-pointed stimulation, this is not the toy for you. If you like lighter toys, or have less strength in your upper body, maybe try a smaller option like the Palm Power range. I would be inclined to call this toy cumbersome. Le Wand does have a smaller option, however, so if you love the brand check out the Le Wand Petit Massager.

Although having a travel lock and bag, inconspicuous it is not, and I wouldn't recommend this toy for people wanting to travel subtly. Be especially aware if you're travelling to conservative countries with specific laws around sex toys, you might need to find a more compact alternative.

The head isn’t as flexible as photos make it look so don’t get too excited there. By the same token it feels very sturdy and unlikely to snap if you huh hem, place too much pressure on it.


MB Hot Tips

If you find your a little sensitive on a particular day or want some more cushion for the pushin’ then grab a small sleeve like the Tenga Egg Range and put it over the top of the wand. It’ll help diffuse the vibrations and make it softer on your bod.


The Quick Deets

  • Plug in AND rechargeable 
  • External - Body massager
  • $200+
  • Strong, deep, rumbly vibrations
  • User friendly - simple buttons. 
  • Heavy toy, but the size of the head, vibration intensity, and the length of the handle does make it easier to hit the right spots without too much maneuvering. Could also be a good toy for grinding, as a lay-on toy, or held by a partner. Would fit into a mountable piece of furniture well too (see Liberator Wanda).
  • Silicone Head, solid plastic body, splashproof, water based lube only. For splashproof toys it’s a good idea to use a spray on toy cleaner like Think Clean Thoughts by Sensuva.
  • 20 settings and 10 power modes - you won't be left bored!




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