2009: Legendary lubricant…Sliquid!!

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Let's talk about lubricants for a moment. Not using lube is like not putting oil in your car. Things run a lot smoother and can go for longer with the right type of lubricant. Even if you have no problems getting naturally lubricated we highly recommend using lube as well. There are many types of lube on the market and are generally separated by what they contain. Silicone lubes are fantastic for doing the do and extended play but not compatible with silicone toys. If you have silicone toys we suggest water-based lubes only. When you combine silicone toys with silicone lube the particles bond and you will find the top layer of your toy starts to degrade. Silicone lubes come in various consistencies and it is always recommended to try it out and find the one you like most. It is certainly a personal choice and no one lube will be suitable for everyone.

Water-based lubes are lighter than silicone and may not last as long but they don't leave a sticky residue and sometimes feel a little bit more natural. We stock a fantastic range of water-based lubes that can be used with all toys. We pride ourselves on locating the safest and most luxurious products and this extends to lubricants as well. Just recently we have acquired the brand Sliquid which is a very exciting product. Sliquid comes direct from the US and is "created by sensitive women, for sensible women".

Sliquid is an entirely paraben and glycerin free product. For the health conscious customer this range is perfect. Just like your beauty routine for moisturising, exfoliating and cleansing it is only natural you take care of your most treasured body parts with the same attention to detail. Using cheaper lubes with chemicals and oils can increase your chance of thrush and vaginal infections - not fun! 

Sliquid is totally vegan friendly and has a wonderful waterbased lube as well as a silicone lube and even a silicone/water hybrid lube. Just recently they brought out their gorgeous Organics range which are all blended with certified organic botanticals and perfectly balanced to help heal and rejuvenate your most intimate areas. Using Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Hibiscus to name a few these products are the ultimate in earth friendly and body safe lubricants. We currently stock the organics range as well as the waterbased and hybrid lubes. So come in and give Sliquid a try!

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