Max Black In The Wake Of The C-Word...

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Whelp, we didn’t see this one coming. 


We know you’re exhausted of hearing about a certain C****-19, we’re tired too. This is a time that is hard for everyone in our local and global community. Just so you know, everyone at Max loves you, we love our community, and we love our planet. We also love Viraclean. Like, A LOT.
There are many ways we can approach the C-word, but we believe community should be a priority right now. If you’re in isolation, reach out when you need to, give yourself constant hugs because you definitely deserve them. Make a playlist for your mate that you can listen to together, have a FaceTime dance party, call your gran, share a square of TP with your neighbour. We need radical kindness, oodles of empathy, and all the self-love we can muster to get through this together. Be kind and remember, we love ya!  For now, we are STILL OPEN 7 days from 10am-Midnight. If you’re feeling healthy enough, please keep visiting us! We miss everyone! In order to keep us safe, some new policies are in place at Max! Please bear with us during this time, we want the best and safest shopping experience for our community, but that means a couple of things need to change with how we all enjoy the MB space.   


New MB Policy  

  • Sorry! Our Fitting Room is now Closed – We no longer allow people to try on clothing items, including latex and BDSM gear (eye masks, collars, etc).
  • Our Returns Policy – Our return policy is usually fairly strict, but as I’m sure you understand, unless you have a faulty product we now have a zero returns policy. 
  • Feeling unwell? Call or shop online with us! – For our sick little ducklings, please stay home! We can offer buying advice online and over the phone, and our online store will remain open for you 24/7. We want you all healthy so stay home and rest up, and if you need a hand deciding on what to get, give us a buzz!


  In-Store Behaviour

    • We have disposable shopping gloves on offer, if you wish! – If you’d prefer to wear gloves while in store, just ask. We have plenty!  
    • We have Hand Sanitising Stations, please help yourself! – We have hand sanitising stations around the store, so please help yourself and use these liberally! We certainly are!
    • Social Distancing – Please keep to the two metre rule around others in store. We will love you from a distance! – We know it’s cute to be close to each other, but please try and maintain a bit of a buffer between yourself and the other bodies in the room. Including your friends, other customers, and the staff. The current requirements are to have a two metre radius between you and another person, so please be mindful of this with other customers, including your mates, and we will too!
    • Mindful Handling of Products, please! – We’re doing our bit to keep everything clean and hygienic, but please help us out by not touching products more than necessary and please do not place any products on your face. No vibes or fluffy things (no matter how soft!) on your nose or face, please! We are cleaning display toys and surfaces around the clock, but we thank you for helping us to help you!


    The Cleanest Toy-Store there ever was 

    • Essentially, we are cleaning everything constantly – If we’re not helping a customer from a 2 metre radius, we’re cleaning. Please don’t be alarmed that we are wearing gloves, it’s not because we’re sick, it’s because we’re being anal (tee hee). We are also extending staff shifts to include an hour of disinfecting all our demo toys – with our precious Viraclean! 
    •  We Viraclean all commonly used surfaces – like our keyboard and EFT machines, hand railings, door knobs, and light switches after every use.  
    • If any of our staff are sick, know that we are not working on the floor! – We are being very strict with this and on the odd occasion we may have to close for a morning or a night, if a healthy member of staff is unavailable to cover a shift. We know you get it, and thanks for you for your patience.

    Your health and safety and that of our communities, means everything to us. If you need more advice on how to clean your toys, don’t hesitate to call us in store, or send us an FB message online. Let us know if you have any other questions, contact us and we’ll try to address them ASAP.   


    Planning on Laying Low or Minimising your Contact? Here is how you can shop with us while keeping a low profile  


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    • We now offer Zip Pay in store, Hooray! And Afterpay in store is not far off too!  – So, if you need to buy pasta AND sex toys, help is here! Also, (an inside scoop) we will have Zip Pay and Afterpay available online soon too, you’ll have access to that on our shiny new website that is just a hop, skip and jump away – keep yours eyes peeled or sign up to our online newsletter to stay in the loop!
    • Our Online Store is available 24/7 – As per usual, we are always available online, and our postage is as hygiene aware as always.
    • Don’t see it online? Just call us! (we’ll get it posted out to you!) – Our physical store has so much more than we can keep up with online, so if you want it, just call us! We have implemented a new system in order for you to purchase items with us, that are in store but not online – just call us to tell us what you want and we’ll talk you through how to purchase it!
    • Want to Call and Collect in-Store – Call and reserve items, so you can dash in-and-out (tee-hee). We are happy to hold items for up to 48 hours! 


    That’s all for now, and we’ll be keeping everyone updated as things change over the coming days, weeks, and months. Remember, we love you, and keep on checking in with your loved ones and yourself.    


    The MB Team xx

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