Max Black Store Policy Update


To our beautiful Newtown and Sydney community, 

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! We miss seeing our streets busy and shops bustling SO much, but we know this is for our benefit and we want everyone to see the other side of this beast! We are still open on our King St store, but there have been some changes made to our store policy in light of new laws and health regulations over the past couple of days.


Updated Max Black in-store Policy:

  • In-Store Capacity: We have a capacity cap of seven people in store (including staff) at any given time. We are so sorry if we have to ask you to step outside after climbing all our stairs when we reach capacity, but it’s to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our beautiful community. 

  • Masks and Gloves: Some of us may be wearing masks and gloves, but please don’t be alarmed! This is NOT because we are sick, but because we want to make sure our store stays healthy. Transmission happens most through droplets and liquid, and this virus is sneaky, so we all gotta take precautions where we can. And hey, sometimes a mask and some latex gloves can be sexy…

  • Hand-Sanitiser: We have hand-sanitisers placed all around the store, but particularly at the front as you walk up the stairs and at the counter. We can’t force anyone to do anything, that’s not how consent works, but we would love you to use some as you come in and while at the counter. That stuff is liquid gold, use liberally when you can, right?

  • Changed hours: We are trying our absolute best to stay open 10am – 12 midnight, but occasionally we may have to close a little early. These are tough times for businesses everywhere, and we know our community will be understanding of concessions that need to be made to keep us all going! Remember though, we are open online 24/7

  • Browsing Time: This isn’t a policy so much as a request. We want to make sure you are all getting the best Max Black service possible, so please use our amazing staff to help you find what you need! We don’t have a cap on browsing, but our PM has asked us to keep browsing time to a minimum. We believe sex toys are an essential  But if you know what you’re after, let us help you find it so you can carry on your merry way!

  • Buying Options: We have so many different buying options that are growing week by week. These include call-and-collect, zip-pay over the phone, online shopping 24/7, and orders over the phone for products you can’t find online. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions, we’re available to chat on 02 95570122, or via email on

Masks can be sexy, right?  


We’d also love to give a shoutout to Mitre 10 in Newtown. Still open, and selling all the goods we need like hand sanitiser, hospital grade disinfectants, and isopropyl alcohol! LEGENDS.


Stay safe and healthy everyone, we love you all! And remember to – 

Isolate, Lubricate, Masturbate!

Big love, 

The MB Team xxx

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