2009: MaXXX Black Goes Green

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In an Australian adult retail first, MaXXX Black is super-proud to announce that our entire range of fabulous toys are now 100% Phthalate FREE! So what does that mean to you? Well, that means that they are hypo-allergenic, body-safe, and toxin-free - so they're good for you, and they're better for the environment.

We love to be different, and we love to be first, which is why we're always hunting down the latest and greatest releases from your favourite brands. We've made sure that you'll still be able to find names like Doc Johnson, California Exotics and Seven Creations on the shelf - because everyone is coming 'round to the importance of toxic-free toys that are kind to your body and your hip pocket! Over the next few weeks you'll see our web store get a full update with our new range, and they are all available in-store now.

So what are these nasty phthalates? For a bit of background info, sex-toys aren't all created equal. PVC and soft plastics (the jelly ones) are created using toxic chemicals called Phthalates (pronounced Thal-ates). A German study in 2000 found that some widely avaliable plastic-based sex toys release up to 10 dangerous chemicals for years after their production, and studies have linked phthalates to cancer and damage to sex organs, liver, kidneys, and lungs. This doesn't sound very sexy, does it? "The vaginal walls are extremely permeable, so you have to be careful what you put up there!" warns Jacqueline Hellyer (Biochemist and Sex Coach). And guys aren't immune either with plenty of evidence to show that it affects their reproductive system too.

Now, whilst the US, Japan, Canada and the EU have restricted the use of phthalates in kids toys, no such action has been taken in the area of sex toys. Greenpeace and dozens of other environmental and health agencies have called for a ban, but for now, the best thing we can do is assure you that MaXXX Black is 100% Phthalate Free!!

So what materials are safe? We suggest 100% medical-grade silicone, glass, metal or elastomer. Some of our well known brands include Fun Factory, Vibratex, Jimmy Jane, Tantus, and Down Undertoys. (And if there is an old PVC favorite you just can not part with, slip a condom over to be safe!)

Its also nice to know, that whilst looking after your body, you're doing your thing for the environment. Better quality materials means cleaner, greener manufacturing practices with less chemicals and far fewer emissions. Plus if you opt for a rechargeable toy you'll reduce landfill and the pollution caused by tossed batteries. Some of the rechargeable toys include the JimmyJane Form 6, and the Fun Factory Delight.

So when choosing your new BFF - whether a purring vibrator or a handsome dildo - rest easy, because MaXXX Black has your health, and Mother Earth, in mind. Environmentally friendly indulgence has never been so easy! As always... the pleasure is all ours.


xx Maxxxie

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