2010: Men's Sex Toys Just Got Interesting...


Editors note: The original Cobra Libre has been updated to the improved Cobra Libre II. The following review is still applicable to the new version but it now features more intuitive buttons, upgraded motors and a magnetic charging port. Read more about the Cobra Libre II here (Updated 29/07/2020)


For the last few seasons we've heard more and more guys talk about how since women have become the main purchaser (years ago men bought for their girls) of sex toys and adult products the range of male-specific toys has gotten smaller. NOT SO! - guys pay attention because over the next few weeks we're going to show you a dozen new products that not only feel awesome - they'll change the way you look at male sex toys forever.


This Week: COBRA LIBRE by Fun Factory

The Ferrari of Men's Pleasure Objects

Forget everything you thought you knew about masturbators. Gone are the tacky sleeves, pumps and "realistic" toys that have dominated since the 70's. Gone are the blow-up dolls of yesteryear - they thankfully remain a bachelor party and college dorm room kind of a thing. Instead, major sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory, have devoted some of their incredible engineering power to creating a signature vibrating massager for men - and it is one hell of a toy!

From the moment you fire up the twin-engine motors and lube up the interior you are assured of the best ride this side of Berlin. The interior of Cobra Libre is made from premium medical-grade silicone, and with a little water-based lubricant is slick, smooth and velvety to touch. Just inside the opening is a small bump, designed to put pressure on the sensitive gland just under the penis head. By stimulating this area with one of the nine different vibration modes, and the addition of great suction at the end of the toy, you are almost certain to reach climax.

It sounds great, it looks hot, and it works the way it says it will. Gentlemen, start your engines! 


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