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MaXXX Black is first again with the very latest in men's sex toys now available in-store and online. Actually, we've been playing with the new Fleshlight FLIGHT for a couple of weeks, and since our first and second shipments of this very sexy male pleasure product sold in a matter of days, we had to hold off telling the whole world we had them until we had new stock arrivals - and boy do we have LOTS in-store now.



Fleshlight Flight is our fastest selling men's solo pleasure device EVER!! That's right, EVER! and it only takes a few seconds to explain why:



  • HOT HOT HOT avionic design

  • NEW interior texture that will blow you away

  • Smaller, lighter and more discreet than ever


    That's it really. But you probably want to know more right? The new Flight is a sleek, compact, and refined version of the original Fleshlight. It has a discreet, yet stylish clear sleeve with an inconspicuous outer appearance to protect yourself against curious girl/boyfriends, roommates or other people who may accidentally stumble upon your toy.


    When you open it up the first thing you'll notice is the whirlpool-like rippled entry - it's neutral and sexy but probably more because it's based upon the design of jet turbine engines (there are lots of aviation design clues in every aspect of the FLIGHT). The interior texture is brand new in the Fleshlight world. Unlike all the others it doesn't have a unique name, but the new hybrid interior is five textures over three chambers!

    The new size (it's about 2 inches shorter than the standard Fleshlight) and the slightly lighter weight makes FLIGHT even easier to travel with. It'll stow comfortably in an overnight bag or backpack and takes up barely any room in traditional luggage. The great thing about the new exterior design is that most people who know what a Fleshlight looks like (and with over 5 million sold that's A LOT of people) this one will escape the notice of the majority of maids, airport security and customs and other such people. For now anyway. The Fleshlight Flight is made up of two different materials, the outer shell being a solid ABS plastic, and the super soft and clear colored sleeve being made out of a super top secret formulated material called SuperSkin. The only information that the website will indulge is that this is not latex, plastic, or silicone. The website also mentions that SuperSkin is phthalate-free. The material is extremely life like and feels very nice when warmed up. It's also much much less expensive than the Flehslight range. So go on, get a ticket, board your flight and TAKE OFF! You can see the full listing for Fleshlight Flight if you click HERE.

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