2011: Mixgliss Lubricants From France

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We’ve done it again – MaXXX Black is proud to be the FIRST store in Australia to launch MIXGLISS – a beautiful range of natural lubricants made in Provence, France.

We’re passionate about lubricants – not just because they make everything more sensual, fun and sexy – but also because we’re seeing more and more personal lubricants that are good for us too. So when we came across Mixgliss we were absolutely delighted!

Created in Grasse en Provence, France’s world-famous capital of perfumery, Mixgliss is a combination of specialised natural alchemy and truly original fragrances, flavours and styles. Utilising plant-based ingredients, essential oils and natural preservatives there are 10 (yes, TEN) new kinds of lubricant for you to try.

So what are they? Well, lets split it up into the different kinds and go from there….

1. Neutral  LUB water-based and FLUID silicone based are the two “naturally neutral” choices. NO flavour or scent, just pure slippery goodness.

2. Silicone Scented – With the same great silicone base as FLUID, the two fragranced silicone lubes are just lovely. WILD has a hint of musk and PURE has a wonderful orchid perfume.


3. Water-Based Flavoured – Treat yourself to a flavoured lubricant made from natural ingredients and featuring flavours that no-one else can make. KISS tastes like Wild Strawberries and SWEET has the delectable flavour of Tutti Frutti Bubble Gum!

4. Water-Based Actives – If you like to play with new sensations, or just want to ramp up the fun why not try a cooling or warming lubricant. FRESH is a lightly cooling lubricant with natural extracts of peppermint and rosemary. HOT is a gently warming lube with natural extracts of cinnamon.

5. Water-Based Health & Wellbeing – The latest formulas from Mixgliss are BIO and RELAX. BIO is made from 100% organic plant extracts, which makes it ideal for those with sensitivities, vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants a totally natural experience. RELAX is the first water-based anal lubricant we’ve ever stocked. In fact, we think it may be a first anywhere. Designed as a relaxant as well as a great long-lasting lubricant, RELAX can make your experiences more comfortable and enjoyable with less mess. 

Every type is available right now from our website or in-store. Priced at only $20, each 50ml flip-top bottle is presented in a beautiful little box – making it stylish in the bedroom and cute as a button for a cheeky little present.

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