2009: Ode to lube - How to Use Lubricant

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We've gone over the basics in the last few entries...now you're probably wondering about the best way to apply it? Again, this is really personal preference, but here are our tips for the easiest and least-messy way.

  • Simply pour a small amount -- about the size of a dime -- onto your fingers and then spread it on your toy and yourself.

  • Rub your fingers over the head and down the shaft if it's a vibrator, masturbation sleeve, erection ring or dildo. Be sure to lube any other clitoral or anal stimulators on your toy, as well.

  • Rub the lubricant onto your sex toy so that it's slick, but not dripping. Be careful -- you don't want to rub so much that the lubricant is absorbed in your hand, leaving the toy high and dry!

  • If you are male and using a masturbation sleeve, you'll want to apply a water-based lube to your fingers and then slide them around the entrance and down the inside of the sleeve. Since most sleeves have a small hole in the other end, you probably don't want to just pour the lube into it -- you can always add more if you need to.

  • If you or your toy becomes dry during use, simply add more lube. Water- based lube can be revived with a dab of water or some natural saliva.

How Much is Enough? You also don't want to "over apply" or "over rub" the lubricant, particularly on a toy. The amount of lube you use is a personal preference. The general rule of thumb is that if it doesn't slide in comfortably, you probably need more lubricant. Some people like their toys as lubricated as possible, while others enjoy only enough lubrication to reduce friction to a point of comfort. We recommend that if you're experimenting with a toy or lubricant for the first time, try starting with an amount about the size of a dime and keep adding lube until you're happy. You'll figure out how much you like soon enough!

Get Out There & Lube Up! Lubes are manufactured in many, many different consistencies, colours, even flavours -- it's best to experiment and find the right one for you. Think about what you want most in a lubricant, (sensitivities? YES! is perfect. Taste? Swiss Navy - YUM! Or no taste? Pjur Nude) and what you'll mainly be using it for -- solo sex, toy fun, a combination of sex toys and your partner, water shenanigans? If you're intrigued by something, buy the smallest bottle that's offered, so you can discover your favourite without spending a tonne of money.

We've mapped the path to using lube, showing that it isn't all sticky and messy business (unless you want it to be!)... and that using lubricant can enhance intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom. Here at Maxxx Black we are pro-lube...its all about choosing the right one for you. Browse the lube section of our website.. or come visit our lovely staff (we've got testers!) And find the right lube for you.

xxx Love Maxxxie

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