2011: Personal Lubricants For The Vegan & Vegetarian Lover

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Do you have a vegan or vegetarian lover? Maybe you're a vegan or vegetarian yourself? Not too long ago it was almost impossible to find vegan and vegetarian approved personal lubricants in Sydney. What you may not know is that there are some great companies out there that have been listening to popular demand for sexual health products that are suited to your needs.

HYDRA is one of our most popular lubricants. Made with certified organic extracts, and given the tick of approval by the vegan society, Hydra feels more natural and stays sensuously smooth for longer. 100% naturally derived, paraben-free and DEA-free.

Astroglide Original is still one of the world's top-selling water-based lubricants. But did you know they also produce a natural version? Astroglide Natural is a botanical personal lubricant that combines all-natural plant extracts with vitamins C & E plus chamomile to create a long-lasting lubricant that won't get sticky. Free from glycerin, alcohol, fragrances and flavourings.

Sliquid are glycerin and paraben-free organic lubricants that are blended with certified organic botanicals, balanced to help heal, rejuvenate and moisten. Aloe vera, vitamin E, green tea and hibiscus are just some of the ingredients used in the range. We stock four kinds of Sliquid Organic - Natural, Warming, Gel and Silk - so you're bound to find one that pleases.

With ticks of approval from the UK Soil Association and The Vegan Society you can have real confidence in YES! certified organic lubricant. Yes! were the first company in the world to produce a certified organic personal lubricant. Formulated to nourish and protect as well as do all the sexy things a good lube should, Yes is hormone and paraben-free, Ph balanced and very sensual.

Not only do natural lubricants feel better, they're better for the environment, a healthier choice for your body, and they are perfect for use with all of your toys!

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