Posable Dildos - A Tour de Dong


Well g’day you bunch of dildo slinging champions, and welcome to the Max Black comprehensive guide to posable dildos. These bendy bad boys are becoming more of a trend because… well because they’re pretty damn cool to play with.

Let me paint you a picture: they’re a silicone dildo BUT they’re also posable, crazy right? The way most of these dongs work is with a movable core that can be flexed around to your heart's desire, while also having the soft or firm exterior of a normal dildo. The cracking aspect of this is that you can transform your toy from being totally straight, to G-Spot, to A-Spot, to prostate, or for those who like a bit of a curve you can get angles no other dild’ can supply.

For humans that can find dildos uncomfortable, particularly when used for penetrative harness play, a posable dildo can alleviate the discomfort caused by pressure and stiffness in firmer and more rigid toys. Posable dildos, although keeping their shape, are able to move with the body. This flexibility can prove wonders for those of us with more sensitive internal areas or who find too much pressure around the G-spot, A-spot and prostate uncomfortable.

Below we have a list of the Max Black favs, why they’re legendary, and what sets each apart. So harness-up cowboys, we’re going in.


Strap-On-Me Bendable Dual Density Dildo

New to the Max Black family, the Strap-On-Me collection of dual density dildos have been welcomed with wide, open, and willing arms. Coming in four different sizes and three colours, the range is a bunch of silky boys, with smooth set silicone - none of that sticky bizzo - and a plush yet solid density. You know, just a little bit of cushion for the pushin’. The core of these toys are super posable, making it great for harness play or handheld play, or to dress up as a decorative centrepiece at Christmas.


NYTC Shilo and Carter

Oooooft what a cheeky duo these two are. Absolutely divine soft and plush external dual density silicone that feels like you’re making sweet, sensual love to a cloud... Or something. Both Shilo and Carter have a posable core which makes them able to flip around and stay in place every which-way. Plus, they come in a huge range of natural skin tones and spicy colours. The pair have quite pronounced, we’ll say, heads on them, which when being used in a harness can make the wearer feel particularly attached to their toy. This can cause the toy to feel like an extension of your own body.

For a more ‘standard’ sized dildo, we’d recommend Shilo at 6.25 inches of insertable length and a 1.5 inch diameter. If you’re in the market for thicker dilds, Carter is your mate, with a hefty 2 inch girth and 7 inch insertable length.



Fun Factory Limba Flex

Wellity wellity, hasn’t Fun Factory taken the cake for dildos, yet again? The Limba Flex comes in two sizes, a small and a medium, and is, quite simply, bloomin’ awesome. A strong flexible core that STAYS IN PLACE when you position it, making it a dream and a half for solid G-spot, A-spot, and prostate play. If you’re after a sturdy mini mite, the Limba Flex Small is a winner, with a denser core and good head for targeting all the ‘spots’. The Limba Flex Medium comes as a longer styled toy, and can be bent into an ‘S’ shape (or any letter you like really) for those of us who enjoy a bit of curvature in our toys.

What is particularly special about these two though are their slim bodies, making them perfect for people who want to explore penetrative play for the first time. Not everyone wants a chonky playmate, and particularly humans who have a sensitive time with penetration these toys can help ease you into play, as a warm up toy, or as a slightly larger dilator (we definitely recommend water based lubricant for this).

And, if that wasn’t enough to win you over, they can also be used for PACKING, particularly as a pack and play option. They really are the dildo that keeps on giving.  From everyone at Max, Fun Factory: we thank you for your great service to the dildo and sex toy community at large.



Strap-On-Me Bendable Strapless Dildo

    Although not technically a posable dildo like our other mates, the beauty of the Strap-On-Me Strapless dildo is the movable piece on the side of the wearer. Did that make sense? Probably not… Let me try again. This toy has the ability to be used without a harness and adjusted to the wearer. If you've never heard of a strapless or wearable dildo before, essentially it is a curvaceous double ended dildo. The smaller side is worn internally by one party, and the longer more phallic side is used to penetrate.

    What makes the Strap-On-Me brand of strapless dildos so special is how flexible the wearers side is. With a huge range of movement, it can be bent to fit very snugly in place vaginally OR anally. Be warned though, these are heavier toys, and sometimes a bit of extra help from a harness can be an asset… I know my pelvic floor muscles aren’t strong enough to keep them in place for a long sesh. Just sayin’.

    This angel toy comes in a static and vibrating form, and by lordy that vibration is good too. Highly recommended if you like a strong and deep vibration internally.

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