2011: PRODUCT LAUNCH - Fun Factory G4 Range Now In Store

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Everyone knows MaXXX Black is a big fan of Germany’s Fun Factory. This innovative adult products company has been leading the charge in Europe toward high-quality, beautiful and functional lifestyle objects since 1996, and we’ve been happily bringing them to Sydney-siders ever since we opened here in Newtown.

For the last couple of years the Fun Factory designers have made some notable new releases – the brilliant click’n’charge rechargeable vibrator range (that included men’s toys!); the whimsical little YOO, the DUKE men’s pleasure vibe and the award-winning DeLight (pictured above) – to name but a few.

In fact these releases have been so well received that the company now has over a dozen mainstream design awards for their inventions, including the prestigious DesignPreis and IF awards.

The newly arrived G4 range is no exception to this history of achievements. They just took out the company's fifth ‘reddot design award’.


Our first shipment arrived today, and is already being snapped up by our Fun Factory fans as we put them on the shelves.

These vibrators are seamless and ergonomic, with a convenient loop handle (the ‘loop of love’)which makes them very easy to hold, maneuver and operate.  Each vibrator in the G4 line has five levels of steady vibration and three patterns, which is common amongst the Fun Factory vibes.

Each one is also waterproof, silicone and rechargeable. They use the same Click N Charge chargers from the previous line of recharge vibrators – this is awesome if you already have a Fun Factory click n charge toy because you can use the same charger.

So what do they feel like?

Well, where do we start? They are softer and more silky than a LELO vibe, and Fun Factory have obviously worked hard to create toys that are not just firm, but also supple to the touch. The new generation motors in them are deep, intense and bone-shaking at high levels. It practically rumbles in your hand – imagine what it could do “down there”

Right now you’ll find these items of lust in-store:

In-Store Next Week:

G4 Big Boss & G4 Elegance

So pop on in and see these brilliant new toys.

Looks like it’s gonna be a hot winter after all.

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