2011: Product News - Vivishine Latex Care @ MaXXX Black!

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We brought you the fabulous Rubber55 all the way from London so it seemed only natural that we found the world's BEST latex care products to keep your new rubber gear shiny, slick and sexy.

So we found Vivishine! And it will be here in just a couple of weeks!

Since latex is an especially sensuous material, and being a natural product, it needs the right kind of maintenance to preserve it's brilliance, colour and shine. We've found that some latex enthusiasts are using below-grade silicone lubricants to shine and prep their latex fashion. This can have a terrible effect on good-quality latex. There are over four thousand different grades of silicone and only a few of those are actually suitable for latex gear. Pjur Cult, Pjur Bodyglide and Vivishine are among the few who fall into that category. So what will we have in stock?


Vivishine is careful intensive care for all latex and rubber articles. It conditions and shines your latex and makes it look brand-spanking-new every time. It's a miracle for latex, giving a deep lustre and permanent shine to your latex gear. Free of any solvents and odour-neutral, it even helps to protect your fashion while in storage. Vivishine will be available in a 120ml bottle.


With Vividress getting into and out of your rubber gear has never been easier or sexier. Its ingredients maintain the natural latex rubber material and make your skin feel slick, sexier and sensual against the garment. Vividress is perfect for transparent latex garments as it actually increases the brilliance of thinner latex pieces. Free of any solvents, oil or grease and odour-neutral. Vividress will come in an economical 220ml bottle. We'll be making a big fuss when Vivishine touches down at MaXXX Black, so keep checking back for more news about Rubber55, Vivishine & MaXXX Black.

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