PSA: New website launched!


Our GOODNESS what a year it has been. I don’t even want to start rattling off all the nonsense and pain the world has seen, so let’s not go there. Despite it all and on a much merrier note, we are so excited to announce the launch of our SHINY SEXY NEW WEBSITE. And we think it’s a fabulous mix of cute, classy, and a little bit naughty.



Although we’ve kept our doors open on King Street, we’ve been missing our community so much and staying connected to you all has been a major priority in the development of our new website and refreshed social media. Of course our ethos of sex and body positivity still stands strong, but we are excited for some new additions.



First and foremost we have been looking at all of our customers, and have listened to what you want and need, and filling in the gaps with new products that are necessary to help meet our wonderful and eclectic community. Our new Shop By Need section is taking a squeaky clean fresh approach to shopping for sex toys, by considering the different areas of play we like, and how to best fulfill them. Shop By Need is a human approach to the website, considering the individuals who shop with us and their unique identities - the LGBTQIA+ and trans community, disabled folks, vegan and eco-conscious shoppers, to name but a few of the new sections.



We also are proud to launch our new blog (I mean, you’re here already so G’day pals, thanks for dropping by), which is dedicated to educating and exploring ideas from us and our wider community in Sydney and beyond. Hand in hand with our blog is our social media, and on Instagram we seek to engage with you all as much as possible, and write what it is you’re needing to know more about. Got an idea? Hit us up! We want to write about what YOU want to know about.



And to save the (equal) best for last, we are launching our updated community resource directory. This is an extensive list of therapists, counsellors, doctors, body workers, and niche professionals who are doing amazing work in the community. Do you need a trans-friendly doctor? A therapist who understands diverse relationships? How to enhance or regain your libido? This directory is a great place to start on your journey.


Each new endeavour has come from months of research and consideration of what our community needs from us, and we are ALWAYS taking feedback, so please let us know if you think any tweaks need to be made or areas added to.


In celebration of all this newness, we are running some competitions on Instagram and Facebook, so jump onto our socials for your chance of four different ~~juicy~~ giveaways. Tag you, tag a mate, and maybe get some free sex toys? Don’t mind if I do!


We’re a proud bunch of Maxettes, and can’t wait to see you online!

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