2010: Review - Close2You Sinfonia

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We love toys that are simple, can be used in various positions and speeds, have that “special” feature that no other toy has, and that actually satisfy.

The Sinfonia by Close2you does all of those things. When we first saw the Sinfonia in person and held it, we were impressed with how sleek, soft, and simple it was. That slightly bent tip really caught our eye since it adds a sexy line that is as fun to look at as it is to play with.

So what did we think? Well, firstly we were pleasantly surprised at how powerful the tip of the toy is, even on the first speed. The firm rounded tip isn't just good on your clitoris however - the curve helps point that tip right at your G-spot too! This is a great toy to have stashed in your drawer for play - solo or with your partner.

The Sinfonia’s silicone is so velvety and smooth that it feels super silky when you use a little water-based lubricant on it. Close2You even pop a little pack of lube in there for you so you're good to go from the moment you get it home.

Unlike many other silicone toys, each Close2You toy has been designed to offer a premium experience at a fantastic price. Sinfonia is only $75! All Close2you products come in wonderfully high end white packaging, a box with a drawer for the toy and a separate drawer for the accessories included. These accessories include the aformentioned lube sample bottle of their Glissando brand lube (just smaller than a travel toothpaste), a silicone cock ring, a velvet drawstring storage pouch, the appropriate batteries for the toy, and a small book of all their products. This company knows how to pamper their customers!

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