2010: Review - Tantus Pro-Touch Vibrating Massager


While Tantus make toys for a wide variety of people it’s their attention to detail, particularly for those of us just starting out with toys and certain kinds of play, that make their products stand out.

Todays toy review is the Tantus Pro-Touch, a versatile ‘finger-like’ vibrating pleasure plug that has all the right curves for both G-Spot and P-Spot (prostate) stimulation. The Pro-Touch is a pure silicone toy that resembles a finger in both size (1-1/4" diameter maximum size, but the first two sections are 5/8" and 1" respectively) and shape, with three bulged sections angled at the joints in the classic "come hither" crook recommended for hitting the spot stimulation.



The shape is great for a first anal toy, as the gradually increasing size slips in easily once it's lubricated and the waists or necks between the sections provide a spot to rest and get ready for the next section. Unlike most finger-shaped vibes, this one (being silicone) has just the right combination of flexibility and firmness, good for conforming to the body without losing the benefit of the pressure on those oh-so-hot spots.

It’s small enough for amateurs while still providing all the sensation you can expect from toys with more bells and whistles. In short, a great toy to fool around with and definitely one we would recommend for anal beginners, male or female.

The ProTouch, like all Tantus vibrators, can be used with or without the included micro bullet. One major benefit to Tantus vibrators is that the space reserved for the bullet can also fit your finger, allowing for fine manipulation. It’s almost like an extension of your own fingers! The Pro-Touch is an extremely safe toy, a benefit for not only beginners but for everyone. The 100% silicone material is completely nontoxic and bodysafe, soft enough so you don't have to worry about causing internal damage, and easy to take care of. Cleaning can be accomplished in many ways: soap and water, alcohol, or with a toy cleaner. Best of all, it's compatible with all water-based lubricants, and we highly recommend one as the lube you use can make or break the enjoyment of a good toy like the Pro-Touch. Swiss Navy, Sliquid, Pjur and Astroglide are all recommended for Tantus products.

So how does the Pro-Touch work as a vibrator? It includes a silver bullet vibe powered by 3 button cell batteries that amp up the stimulation. In terms of G-Spot play, the finger tip is best felt when the toy is inserted close to the base, and this combined with the firm silicone tip makes for good stimulation. It is also a good toy for foreplay as the gentle vibe stimulation is fun, targeted and can be used on the outside too!

As a P-Spot massager the vibrations can help ease entry and is a definite bonus for beginners as it promotes relaxation and comfort, as well as pleasure. It is best to hold the toy when using it for back door play however. The Pro-Touch is not designed as a traditional plug so it's best to use this toy somewhere you can hold it in, either with hands or an object (bed, wall, shower door). You can even use it in a strap-on for some hands free fun!

The verdict? For guys, this is an awesome beginners toy that will deliver great feel whilst helping you explore p-spot and prostate play. For the ladies, this is a fun foreplay toy that can extend to being a light and exciting g-spot stimulator. It’s a rewarding, easy to use and safe toy that could easily fit into everyone’s toybox.

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