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This truly was a hilarious article to research for. If you want a laugh, look up ‘Tribadism’ on Wikipedia for what must be my all time favourite visualisation of lesbian sex… Anywho, back to the matter at hand: scissoring. Lesbian cliche? Myth? Legendary sex move of the Queer gods?



Regardless of where you stand, scissoring is a concept, we’ll say, that found its roots (lol) many moons ago, with terms like ‘Tribade’ (lesbian) and ‘Tribadism’ (essentially rubbing your vulva on someone) stemming from Ancient Greece, a time where non-penetrative sex was deemed ‘not a thing’.

After googling far and wide, reading comment thread upon comment thread from queer folks and women-loving-women, calling all my exes, and going over the extensive amount of articles on scissoring, the overwhelming sentiment is still, despite all this time: can one actually scissor?

And there seem to be two camps of scissor-ers: the believers and the non-believers.

My dear scissor-curious friends, I can quite safely say that yes, it can be done. Although the scissoring lesbian has saturated our (largely cis-male directed) porn industry for as long as men have adored chick-on-chick action, scissoring is not a lesbian myth and is not exclusively for the male gaze. But it also doesn’t make you a good lezzie or queerer-than-thou if you practice the art of scissoring, nor is it a gay cliche to try it out - it’s just another way of grinding with another body, and whomst among us can say they haven’t been tickled by the odd dabble in some cheeky frottage from time to time?

As a queer woman, I will vouch for scissor sisters everywhere: scissoring is the sickest. But not all bodies have the ability to make this fairly acrobatic technique work, so, and sorry to sound like a broken record, but this isn’t a rite of passage to being a ‘good’ lesbian. Flexibility, size, body compatibility, strength, and ability all have a part to play in the game of scissoring. So yeah, it’s the sickest, but if you can’t do it or simply don’t want to that is A-OK, because let’s be real, all consensual sex is pretty sick, right? Right.

Anyway, stop reading now if you’re anti-fun, but for those of you who want to believe, read on. Come on this magic carpet ride (LOL), I will show you the world.



Scissor Me Timbers

So, you want to scissor but don’t know where to start? Don’t even really understand what it is? Let’s just have a little clarification on terminology: many believe scissoring is ONLY genitals-on-genitals grinding, more commonly vulva on vulva, and tribbing is rubbing yourself on arms, legs, stomachs etc. Some believe tribbing is included under the scissoring umbrella. Honestly, what does it really matter? At Max Black we don’t want to define sex for anyone, we’re just here to help you live your best scissoring life. So let’s get straight to it shall we, a Max Black curated list of sexy scissoring situations.


The Classique

When we think about scissoring, this is generally what you would imagine. Much like when you interlock two semi-open pairs of scissors… wait it’s exactly like that. Each party lie down, heads away from one another, and wriggle themselves into genital-on-genital contact, legs crossed over each other like, you guessed it, scissors. Now from here you could bend your knees, keep legs straight, one person could lay on their side - whatever feels most comfortable, but the main idea is that you have explicit contact and from there you just go with the grind, baby. 


This isn’t going to be easy for everyone, and you may cop a foot to the face at some point. Just because it’s the most obvious, doesn’t mean it’s the best, so read on to see what other options could work better for your body type/level of flexibility.

Hot tip: We’d recommend a waterbased or silicone lubricant for this pozzy. Because you’re in, let’s be honest, a pretty awkward position, having a bit of extra lubrication can help increase momentum and build positive vibes all ‘round.


The ‘Sapphic Embrace’

This is probably the most intimate position of the lot - you want to stare into each other's eyes? You got it. Nibble on their earlobes? Too easy. Scratch their back and pull their hair? Get that freak shiz on, you bad thing! In true Lesbian style this could also be the time that you decide to move in together or adopt a cat. 


How it works: Both are seated facing each other, with legs wrapped around each other, usually one over, one under, enabling excellent leverage to push and pull into one another. You’re face to face, chest to chest, groin to groin: intimacy at its finest ammirite? The beauty of this position is you have both legs AND arms to strengthen the grinding motion and hold each other close. Or to text your mate about the great time you’re having, whatever gets you going.

Hot tip: I don’t know about you but sitting on my ass for this long makes me lose feeling in my toes, and not in the good post-orgasm way. Props like pillows, blankets, or wedges, like the Liberator range of sex furniture can make this position a hell of a lot more comfortable and sustainable for a longer period of time.


The ‘all those years of yoga have led me to this moment’

One partner lies down, legs splayed in the air to either side (like the splits but sexy?), your scissor partner essentially mounts, and with their incredible hip flexibility and hulk-like strength strategically lowers themselves onto their partner’s body. From here they grind into their partner in an angular position. Yes, we would recommend stretching for this move and yes, you might tear your hamstring but my god is it worth it. Great for scissoring voyeurs as both the bottom and top can see everything, and if you’re into feet those bad boys are right there for the taking/licking/sucking/nibbling etc. Grab onto your partner’s legs for stability or, as mentioned previously, text a mate about how great a time you’re having.

Hot tip: Because there is a lot more space between partners (and depending on your core muscles) more free hands, this could be a good position to bring in some playmates: ie toys. If both parties enjoy vibration this can be a really amazing way to share a toy together, which is stimulating and intimate all in one - yay! Something with a larger surface area like the Bodywand or Doxy can be good here, and those deep vibrations will travel between both of you like some deep diving thing? I can’t think of a good analogy right now...


The ‘Lazy-Susan’

This is my personal fav, because I am, as the name suggests, both lazy and a lover of Susans. How this master of low-effort high-stimulation move works is by each of you laying on your side, legs interlocking, and sort of grinding into the top of the vulva or thigh, as slowly or quickly as you want. I suppose this could be called tribbing if you want to be anal (tee hee) but I call semantics on that. If it helps, sometimes raising your knees behind the other person can help propel them into you, and angle your body into a better position.

Hot tip: A really, really great way of enhancing this move is with the help of a double ended vibrating toy, like the Swan Wand. This toy in particular is perfectly shaped for vulvas, and gives you something more to move against if propped between the two of you. Alternatively, a pebble style toy can slip in between you nicely and give some added stimulation.

These are just four ways of scissoring. Of course, sky is the limit when it comes to sex, and scissoring is no exception. Just make sure it is safe, consensual, and enjoyable for everyone involved. If you want to share any scissoring tips, hit us up in the comments! Otherwise go forth, like two interlocking blades, and… I’ve lost this scissor metaphor completely, just go have fun, alright?


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