2014: The Gathering - the 6 workshops you shouldn't miss

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The Gathering returns to Sydney this October with over 40 brilliant kinky workshops amongst a host of some very glamorous fetish events. With so much to choose from we thought we'd help by talking about the 6 workshops we're recommending to customers and friends of MB. These are all suitable for beginner to intermediate players and run by some the community's most respected and talented teachers.

If you take advantage of The Gathering's multi-workshop pass you can attend any four of these for one low price or register for the whole weekend, go to all the workshops you can and also get access to the parties and social events!


1. Sensual Rope Connections

Presented by Mark, Aleni & Lani De Viate



There is much more to a great bondage scene than good-looking (or technical) rope work. Energy and connection begins the rope scene before the first rope is even laid against skin, and continues throughout the entire rope embrace. Learn how to transmit and enforce your energy, express your dominance, and get the best from your rope partner.

Engage in a journey that includes this dynamic team sharing their thoughts and experience in the sensuality of rope and concludes with a guided meditation with a twist that defines the mindfulness needed to find your own pathway to connect with rope and partner.

Join Mark, Lani and Aleni as they delve into the erotic connection between top and bottom and learn to use your energy to leave your bottom always wanting more.


2. All About The Cane

Presented by Mistress Electra Amore




Mistress Electra Amore, an accomplished caning mistress who has toured the world showcasing her skills, is joining The Gathering for the first time.

It took me years to actually pick up a cane and use one. It scared the hell out of me - they used to use it during my school years. But when I started, it morphed in my hand as if it was an old friend and each of my, even, accurate and precise strokes were all measured and delivered with a natural force.

During this workshop you'll explore the cane - including the different styles, thickness', and the ideal length for you. You'll also learn some of the fundamental things such as cleaning, storing and maintaining them. But the most important thing you will learn is how to deliver a meaningful and accurate disciplinary stroke - with love and skill.


3. Spanking

Presented by Zoe Montana




Zoe Montana certainly knows a bit about spanking. She is a professional spanking mistress who has starred in much classic British spanking porn: 'Tammy's Shame', 'Punishment by Proxy' and 'Whipping Boy' are just a few.

Her Spanking class was one of the top 5 classes of the 2012 Gathering in terms of popularity.

Zoe returns in 2014 to show how you can use spanking as a great addition to a scene - or a scene all of its own…


4. Fantasy Into Reality

Presented by Aleni De Viate




"I've dreamt of this. Waited so long for it to finally come true, and now...." If you are just starting out, stepping off the ledge of fantasy into the free-fall of actually playing, this class is for you.

Exploring the elements that will make your first "kink scene" a success, you'll discover ways to make it more intimate, less intimidating, and absolutely achievable.

Be privy to the mind of a dominant who has created many successful first scenes for budding Submissives over the years, and learn what it takes to turn your fantasies into your reality.

5. Women On Top: Starting Your Dominance

Presented by Mistress Electra Amore




Do you have an undesirable urge to be in charge? Does the thought of taking the lead excite you? Do you have a need to exert your Dominance?

Maybe you're not sure where to start or how to go about it, or have you taken that step and found yourself in a bit of trouble, like many others when they first start to explore their Dominant nature - regardless of their age. Well, here is your chance to step into your Dominant side.

A professional Dominatrix, Electra will be sharing her personal journey and experiences, giving tips, advice and demonstrations and empowering you to take control - where it really matters.

6. Percussion Play - Flogging, Caning & Paddles OMG!

Presented by Aleni Di Viate




An introduction to that part of BDSM most people first think of - the art of Corporal Punishment. It looks mean, but it doesn't all have to really hurt. This class covers a wide range of techniques – from how to give a sensual flogging through to heavy discipline pain play.

Aleni, one of Sydney's finest Dominants, talks about safety issues, topping techniques, how this play works for those on the receiving end and will provide you with hands on instruction. This class gives you lots of information and fun for both Do-ees and Do-ers.


So there you have it - 6 sensual, stimulating workshops we just can't recommend strongly enough. 


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