2014: Tickets Tickets & More Tickets

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Max is your store for tickets to some of Sydney's FUNNEST parties and events. Tickets are available at the counter inside Max Black - we ask for cash only please for ticket sales. Don't worry about getting to us during the day - we keep selling tickets until we close at midnight every day.

We love supporting local gigs and this week we have tickets to these awesome events:

The Black & White Ball

Join the friends, fans and members of Sydney's world-famous Dykes on Bikes as they celebrate their annual fundraiser at Erskineville's famous Imperial Hotel. Proudly sponsored by MB.


Fetish Night Markets


An innovative concept for Sydney's BDSM Community, this is an outstanding night of socialising, networking, and of course lots of retail therapy - presented by Uber. Max Black has been a part of the event since 2010 and we can't wait to show you our wares on the night.


Australian International Power Exchange Title 2014


Celebrating power exchange relationships this international competition is coming to Australia for the first time thanks to Sydney's very own Mistress Tokyo. If you're a couple, pair or trio in a power exchange relationship you could be representing Australia in the USA in 2015 - so hurry up and enter! For the rest of us this is going to be a fantastic night out. Tickets on sale from the 12th - check in store or call us for more details.


Bad Dog's BeetleMania

Can you feel it in your accessory pulsatile organs? Got ants in your pants and ready to dance? Bad Dog's BeetleMania is winging (and crawling, hopping, scuttling and wrasslin') its way towards you, Sunday October 5th.

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