TOY REVIEW - Uma by Je Joue


From the walking encyclopaedic nerd brains that are the Max Black team we bring you our latest review: The Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue!


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Now let's get to it: The Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue




The Good 

This was the second ever toy I owned and while the veil of nostalgia may colour my view I still think of it as one of the best G-spot/ Clitoral Vibrators I’ve ever had. A comfortable size you don’t have to work hard to use this internally and as someone with a tilted pelvis that was a big problem until this toy. It also has so many speeds and modes to choose from and you can tailor all of the modes to the intensity that you prefer making it super customisable. The defining feature of this vibrator though is of course its unique vibration. It has a very rumbly motor and uses a combination high and low frequency vibration meaning it travels both deep into muscle while still tickling the surface of your skin.


The Not So Good

This toy is rumbly and I mean old Volkswagen kind of rumbly so if you prefer it smooth this is not the toy for you. The control panel is also not great if you have any eyesight problems or serious hand mobility issues, the symbols on the buttons are small and you’ve got to give them a firm press.


MB Hot Tips

A great toy for Clitoral stimulation not just for your G-spot. Pairs well with Yes WB lubricant.


Quick Deets

  • Rechargeable
  • Submersible
  • 1.25”width
  • 7”total length
  • $160

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