TOY REVIEW: Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang


From the walking encyclopaedic nerd brains that are the Max Black team we bring you our latest review: The VixSkin Mustang!

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Now let's get to it: Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang



The Good 

The Mustang, in my humble opinion, takes the absolute cake for dildos. The softness and ‘squish’ to the outer silicone is as close to real as I want to get, without a toy that is porous or filled with nasty chemicals. 

The dual density silicone means Mustang has a firm core to keep its structure during play but then a super soft outer that feels bloomin’ divine, I tells ya.

Super durable and really well designed, this toy is realistic, but if you get it in hot pink or multi-coloured is it that realistic reeeeally? But if true to life is your jam, the range of skin tones is very decent, and there should be a match for most bodies. A great toy for feeling like an extension of yourself.


The Not So Good

There are a couple of notes to be made about the ol’ Mustang. Despite being a totally rideable dildo, the nature of the silicone is that it can feel a bit sticky, especially after washing and drying. For this reason I absolutely recommend a good waterbased lube, especially when you first get started with it during play. Because it is flexible, without lube or a steady warmup (ie self lubrication) it can be tough to insert this toy as it flexes with you, but this is an easy fix with lube. 

The base is sturdy and fantastic for non-slip harness play, buttttt although it has a suction base it’s not always an AMAZING suction base, especially if you put a bit too much pressure on it in, say, the shower. Still great, but because it is fairly inflexible at the base it doesn’t allow quite as much suction grip like other toys.

If realistic shapes make you a bit uneasy, the Mustang might not be your cup of tea. Even in some of the more out there colours, it is still shaped and designed with human looking anatomy in mind.


MB Hot Tips

To clean you can use a gentle, PH neutral soap and warm water OR you can boil this bad boy. We highly recommend giving the toy a powder of cornstarch  after it has dried completely. This keeps dust from building up on the outside of the toy, and the material fresh and plush. A rinse before use will get off any powdery residue and then you’re good to go for a ride, cowboiiiii!

Now this is the best bit, the Mustang can be suctioned to ANOTHER Mustang to make a gawd damn DOUBLE ENDED MUSTANG DILDO. This is so cool I cannot at all even.


The Quick Deets:

  • 100% premium, dual density silicone
  • Medium sized - 6.5" length x 1 and 5/8" width
  • Internal toy and safe for backdoor play;
  • Harness compatible
  • Fully waterproof
  • Water based lubricant only
  • Can be boiled
  • Under $200


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