2008: V.I.P Women's Night

from the archives

MaXXX Black holds special events from time to time called 'MaXXX Black....After Dark' This is a women's, invitation only, VIP shopping event. In the next few days we will be establishing a mailing list you can join to be invited to the nights. It's a fabulous way to experience all the best things that MaXXX has to offer. We know that a lot of women find the prospect of walking into and adult shop intimidating, a bit scary, and you just don't know what you'll find at the top of the staircase. MaXXX Black is as far removed from the 'traditional' adult store (dirty, sleazy) as you can possibly imagine. We have established a clean, bright, modern space with the best range of products sourced from around the world.

O.K, so now you know a little more about the store, I'll now let you know about the Night. You will be greeted at the entrance by our butler, Alex. Alex will check for your name, give you a flyer for in store happenings about the night and invite you up the stairs. A glass of champagne will be awaiting, along with nibbles throughout the night. Make sure you keep you eye out for the baby cupcakes. Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how good these little tasties are!! Poppy, our tarot card reader, will be giving mini readings all night, so make sure you get on the list early. She's very, very popular. Jade, massage therapist, will be giving little massages and information on how touch can build connection in relationships. Laura, professional makeup artist, has a wealth of knowledge about makeup hints and tips and you can even ask her to give you a make over! And now for Mistress Servalan....Australia's best Dominatrix. Mistress Servalan gently introduces you to the world of B&D. Now, don't be nervous about meeting her, she is an amazing and intelligent woman. She will help with questions on why (and why not) when and how! She will even show you how to properly tie someone up, or, as we've found much to our surprise, many ladies actually volunteer to be tied up by the end of the night!! This is purely for your research purposes of course ;)

And now for the really fun part...toys!!!! This is the opportunity to see the latest and greatest toys we've hunted down. On previous V.I.P nights we've launched deluxe world famous brands such as LELO of Sweden, Vibratex of Sex and the City fame and, of course, our ever expanding range of erotic literature and 'how to' books. So what will you be surprised with next time?...you'll have to wait and see. Maxxxie Blaxxxie, Miss Max, Maxwell (the only boy allowed on the night) and myself of course (Maxeralla) will be here to look after you, answer those question you've been busting to ask, and to show you all the wonderful products that made just for our pleasure! Don't forget that discounts are available for purchases made on the night, yay!! What better way to shop for your first, or twenty-first as the case maybe with some of you, vibrator. So don't forget to have fun, chat to other women, learn something about yourself and have a laugh. Love, Maxeralla xx


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